August 30, 2012

Smoking Older Women

August 28, 2012

new tunes

here are some...

Gardens & Villa :: Spacetime

Poolside :: Slow Down

Body Language :: Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix)

Brothertiger :: The Young Ones

Blood Orange :: Dinner

Work Drugs :: Rad Racer

High Highs :: Flowers Bloom

mick takes tahiti

Mick Fanning took down Joel Parkinson in the final of the Billabong Pro Tahiti yesterday.  It went down in unreal Teahupoo conditions, with everyone from Owen Wright to John John to Jeremy Flores just getting shacked off their faces.  It was great theater, and put Mick at the top of the WT rankings.  Up next the tour will be in Trestles, so see ya there!

In case you missed the final day, here are the highlights -

August 23, 2012


some of the best looking films for Fall 2012 -


Killing Them Softly

Girl Model

Father of Lights

Django Unchained

Seven Psychopaths

August 22, 2012

insight sample sale

Insight has been at all of the shows selling and showing their SS13 collection, i have seen it and it is unreal, and this Friday/Saturday you can have it...

Friday, August 24 11AM - 5PM
Saturday, August 25 9AM - 3PM

Insight USA
Black Box Distribution
2777 Loker Ave. W, Suite A
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Go get it
here is a little vid about the madness that is insight

August 21, 2012

strange times

from the crack house to somewhere in the middle and all the sketchy-ness that happens in between, this is Las Vegas on a Monday...

August 16, 2012

f yeah f

FYF is coming up next weekend, September 1 and 2, and the line up is stacked!  A weekend pass will only run you $89 bucks, so youll have a ton of money left over to house some beers too!
Here are some of the things we are most psyching for...
The Allah- Las
The Growlers
Wild Nothing
Atlas Sound
Nick Waterhouse

August 12, 2012

tennis l tonight

our fave band Tennis is playing tonight at the El Rey theatre!  Go check it out if you enjoy nostalgic 50's beach party themed radness...

August 8, 2012

nc, hb, or beirut..?

in the last couple weeks i have been in either north carolina, hunnington beach, or beirut, but only two of these scenarios is truth.  see if you can guess which one is what...

there were lots of vans everywhere