April 28, 2011

Let's Make Some Music...Pasadena

Yes, that's right, Make Music Pasadena, an outrageously good, and extremely free music festival in Pasadena on June 18 has just announced the line-up and it is umm gooood.  Standouts include:

Ra Ra Riot
y Tijuana Panthers
Should be heaps of fun

Wild in the Streets

The MOCA is currently running the first major U.S. museum exhibition of the history of graffiti and street art.  You should for sure go check it out if you are in the LA Area.


Summer Sunnies Part 1

Summer is like pretty much here, and to celebrate the Queerest of seasons, here is our first round of summer 2011 sunglasses, and it comes from Southern California brand Raen.  They have been taking some really classic silhouettes and their own twist on them, as well as creating some pretty revolutionary new frames, have a look...

 These and many more are available at www.raenoptics.com/

Insight's California Flagship Store

Thats right, it just opened last week right here in Venice.  Some pics from the opening fiesta:

 These guys have been on the cutting edge of everything crunchy for years, so stoked to have them in the hood!  the store is right on the Windward Circle so go check they shit out...

The essence of Radical

Bleeding Knees Club - Bad Guy
That'll put some chest hair on ya

Parko is 50th to Ring the Bell

Joel Parkinson took down best mate Mick Fanning in firing 6 to 8 foot Bells to win the 50th annual Rip Curl Pro. Rip Curl is Mick's biggest sponsor, so double congrats to Parko!  Here are the highlights from the final.

After two CT events, here is how the world tour race is looking:

1. Kelly Slater - 15200 points
2. Joel Parkinson - 14000 points
3. Jordy Smith - 13000 points

See ya in Rio!

April 23, 2011

Allll In

Have ya seen the new Adidas campaign? It's called "all in" and features Justice's new single "Civilization".  This is for sure one of the best and most getting-one-pumped-to-do-anything spots I have seen in a while, have a look...

April 21, 2011

Soo good...

Wild Beasts!

These trunks are by Critical Slide Society, they make the most amazing trunks, tees, tanks, and hats.  They also run a sweet little blog too (http://criticalslidesociety.blogspot.com/)

Meat is Murder??


Christian Louboutin dominating mens shoes with the Biarritz Flat, dudes what does ya think?

Epic Weekend Ahead

There are just so many ACTIVITIES this weekend whether you are in LA or OC

Los Angeles' own HANDS are rocking the Echo Friday (4/22) followed by French dynamic duo Jamaica on Saturday (4/23)

Remember, you didn't come this far in your father's car to behave....

April 15, 2011

Little Edit



How rad are this guys alley parties?  New grey-goose advertising campaign:  So good that even the homeless buy it (in very small quantities)

April 14, 2011

Judith Supine "ladyboy" opening

Last night Judith Supine debuted his "Ladyboy" collection at New Image in W.Ho.   The pieces were jarring and wonderful, plus there were drink and (lots of) drag queens.  Pretty good Wednesday...