July 25, 2011


Globe's new flick Year Zero might be one of the coolest looking things ever, show entirely in 16 mm with post-modern post-apocalyptic imagery and babes everywhere!

The premier is August 3rd in Costa Mesa, be there...in your finest Mad Max leather gear


July 21, 2011

Really stoked for these two...

This new one from Miranda July looks incredible, possibly even better than "Me and You, & Everyone We Know"

And for anyone who is depressed because they did not come of age in the 1960's, this bit of nostalgia will help to dull the pain.  It is basically Tom Wolfe's "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" in a film.  Really pumped to check it out as the book is outrageous.

July 14, 2011

Latarion Milton, legend

That's seems pretty standard if your grandma wont let you do hoodrat things OR eat chicken wings

I would smoke cigarettes and go on a high speed chase any day with you Latarian!

July 12, 2011

Downtown Adventures

"love affair with everywhere"

This is an ode to downtown Los Angeles, and all of the gentle people and beautiful merchandising that happen there...


One of my favorite vid parts ever

July 11, 2011

Intimacy Remixed

Already one of my favorite albums, Bloc Party's Intimacy gets an upbeat makeover from some friends.

Have a download here- Intimacy Remixed
Highlights, Talons, Better than Heaven, Signs

Show's This Week

Thursday: The Soft Pack @ Hammer Museum

Friday: Hands @ LA Zoo

Saturday: The Blow @ Troubadour

July 10, 2011

Wilfred (highest recommendation)

Just watched the first two episodes of this show, and could not stop laughing, it is the most original outrageous premise I have ever seen, and deals with shitting into boots and getting high with dogs and happiness.  Do yourself a favor and watch this thing:

Episode 1 on Hulu

July 7, 2011

Best Surfing Vid of All Time..?

Kai Neville, the man behind one of surfing's most progressive films ever, Modern Collective, is back with what I think will be the best surfing film ever made.  This coming from someone who thought Mod Col was a little overrated/hyped, but this looks like the real understated.  The subtle nature and clean shots look sick, it is already confirmed that Dirty Beaches are in it, and Dusty Payne goes nuts.  Check out the trailer here: Lost Atlas Trailer.  And check out an interview with Kai from STAB Magazine here: Kai.STAB interview.  Looks like the theme movie to lo-fi life...

Show Friday

All of these bands rule, see ya there...

Dance Pants

Diverse little mix of tunes!

July 5, 2011

Best Coast @ la Getty

Best Coast (a cute band) is playing a free (yep) show at the Getty this weekend at 6 PM as a part of their "Saturday's Off the 405" series.  Should be heaps o fun (http://www.getty.edu/museum/programs/performances/saturdays_405.html)

Insight and Warren Smith

Insight is releasing a collab with surfer/artist/weirdo Warren Smith.  It will be called Church and will look & fit wonderfully.

Toro y Moi/Cut Copy Remix

 Toro y Moi just put out a sweet remix of Cut Copy's "blink and you'll miss a revolution"  Check it out at Pitchfork.


Also don't forget to get tickets to Toro's show in LA in October