June 27, 2012

Summer Cloth - ing (1)

"Sunny Sports was established in 2004 in Tokyo to create garments inspired by the culture of the American West Coast. Relaxed and easy going freestyle clothing, strongly focusing on the concept of a playful & basic style that you can wear for years."

how to talk english

June 18, 2012

no plans

Quik is screening their new flick No Agenda this Thursday at their store 585 Boardriders Club off of Abbot Kinney and Venice blvd in Venice.  It starts at 7, don't be a nerd...

Dane, ando, ks, julian, it'll probably be sick

June 14, 2012

broadripple...who knew

Broadripple Vintage is the greatest vintage store i have ever had the joy of being inside. Stacked to the ceiling with hawaiian shirts, beautiful cardigans, military jackets, nostalgia, cat pictures, dreamy crew neck sweaters, and millions of other insane treasures, this store puts anything on Melrose to shame and they only play Doors records.


hands down best style in surfing today

June 5, 2012

the south

just got back from a trip to the american south/there were guys at bars not dancing, but pointing at Bush Reagan 84 coozey/lots of facial piercings and tobacco use/puffy tongued skate shoes that have never gone skating and used Sperry's that had/it was a very weird time...