May 31, 2011

I brings the Ruckus

most classic ever

May 18, 2011

So true/bummer 11

I know you think that number is a smokin chick, but heed the message, it's probably a dude

PS It is almost summer...

Bareback Legends

This Sunday at Hotel Shangri-la, Paul Fisher ( and Bareback DJ's will be going mad in Santa Monica
They rule, peep this mix (best hour of your life)Bareback Halloween Mix

May 17, 2011

Kid Creature

If you have yet to heard of Kid Creature you're already blowing it, and your only shot to redeem yourself is to check him out here: Kid Creature Blog  He makes some unbelievable tees and a portion of his profits go towards fighting Cystic Fibrosis.  Quit being a kook and get a shirt (seriously they are so sick!)

Peep this vid for more info: Kid Creature Vid

Makes a man into a boy

He is so good!

triple romance

pretty wild stuff

definitely captures the feeling of a long night in a cheap lounge...

Sorry Were Open

The guys from Super (Clay Marzo, Dion Agius, Ry Craike...) are premiering their new vid "Sorry We're Open" on June 2nd at Spyder Surfboard in Hermosa.  Looks sick, and with Toro y Moi in the trailer you know the soundtrack will be top-notch, be there

Best Shit Ever

Can't stop listening

May 8, 2011

This week!

You definitely remember "Penelope" and if not you didnt matter anyway.  That is right, Pinback is on the road, probably not hooking up with chicks, but possibly having fun anyways?  One dude is significantly larger than the other so that could be good right?  I guess we will all find out together on Tuesday (5.10) at El rEy.  What do I know though, I judge music based on a 13 year old crack head that sits inside the alleyway of my brain.

TK, rips hard and reps Baker hard

This clip from Baker 3 personifies Terry Kennedy, his skating is innovative and his loyalty is unquestioned...

May 3, 2011

Summer Sunnies Part 2

Lamest post titles ever, anyways this is part two of us helping you get yo rim game laced for the summer.  Today were checking out Sabre, one of the gnarliest brands ever.  Don't believe? Check out and you'll know what I'm talking about, this shtuff is weird!  Here's the shades:

As you have now seen, their stuff is completely outrageous, so go consume it (

By far the sickest thing ever done in sports

If you were a boxer how could you ever top this shit?

The announcers need to chill on the "Fiddy Cent" comments though, lest they be shanked

Puma, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent...Volcom?

Yep, it finally went down, French super-giant PPR officially added Costa Mesa surf-brand Volcom to its portfolio of brands today.  Sad day for the action-sports community, but with Nike's acquisition of Hurley and Billabong's own purchase of RVCA, it seems you need some pretty heavy scale to compete.  Here is a link to the Wall Street Journal article:

Tonight at the Echo!

Beach Fossils...

If you are down to cruise to Echo Park tonight, these guys will blow your brains out, musically

May 2, 2011


This song is in the Adidas All In ad, but since it is Justice's first original song in years, it deserves its own post.  

It is the perfect song for getting your rig out in discotech's all around the globe...

Billabong's Design for Humanity

This event is always heaps of fun, tickets went on sale this AM, get you some...Edward Sharpe!

May 1, 2011

Sampson gets me (SO) lifted

Coming in at number 8 like el Nino, Moustache la!

Sunday Stuff

Sundays are the best, why you dare say?  Here's why:

On the corner of Melrose and Fairfax, this "flea market" is the best place ever for vintage finds, furniture, clothing, records, tacos, and any other shady stuff you like.  Check it out!

and some music for ya...